Very Knowledgable and Helpful

Making sure your baby is safely secured in their car seat and that it’s installed properly is a big priority. Debbi is extremely thorough in going through everything from car seat safety, the reasoning and everything you need to know about your own car seat. She explained and demonstrated proper installation and made sure we understood and didn’t have any questions. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.
We felt so much better having an expert help us! We are first time parents and had no clue what we are doing! Highly recommend.

Robyn C.

Debbi was extremely knowledgeable in

Debbi was extremely knowledgeable in helping us decide on which car seat to buy for our family. Would recommend her for any help with your car seat installation and guidance. Thanks again Debbi!

Arielle Dorchik

Wonderful tutorial, extremely knowledgeable

Debbi conducted a car seat inspection and installation for us. It was the best decision we made to be prepared to bring baby home in our car seat.
Debbi is extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a very thorough explanation of how the car seat works, safety procedures, etc. I don’t think we would have been nearly as prepared without Debbi’s instruction.
We will definitely be calling Debbi again as the baby grows and changes into a different seat!

Jessica Vitullo

Debbi was amazing! So

Debbi was amazing! So helpful. Incredibly thorough. I feel lucky that I had her help installing my car seats!

Sarah Romeiro

Great experience with Debbi!

I had a wonderful experience with Debbi. She installed my twins’ Clek Foonf car seats and took the time to show me every step of the process.
Unlike my experience with my infant seats (which was not with Debbi), I now feel confident with my convertible seats and know that I can adjust/reinstall them myself any time!
Debbi is not only great at what she does – she is patient and kind. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Miriam Anbar

car installation

I needed my car seat reinstalled forward facing. Debbie came right away and did an excellent job! She took her time to explain everything.
I previously had it installed from a baby store and apparently it was not done correctly.
I’m very happy with the install.
Thank you.


Car seat installation

Excellent service provided! Debbi was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough – which was amazing! Thank you Debbi!!



Car Seat Install

Debbi was wonderful and knowledgable about our car seats. She pointed out that my son’s seat was incorrectly installed with UAS when based on his weight it should have been installed with a car seat belt. Debbi taught me how to install the car seat myself. I feel comfortable taking the car seat in and out now. Debbi was very thorough in her checks and provided great advice about car seat safety. Thanks Debbi for all your help.



Highly recommend meeting with Debbi

Thank you Debbi for helping my husband and I feel confident in taking our new baby home in his car seat. Debbi was quick to respond to my initial email and we were able to schedule a car seat check that same week. She was friendly, professional and a great teacher. By the end of her session, we felt comfortable installing the base of our car seat and knowing how to properly use our infant bucket seat. She also gave us some good tips on next step car seats. I would highly recommend meeting with Debbi!


Ashley Acott

Thank You Debbi!

I came across Debbi on a Facebook group where she kindly offered up her time and expertise to do a car seat check for me. Right from the beginning she was very friendly and was quick to schedule a time for us to meet. Debbi is very professional and knowledgeable and provided me with many tips and tricks about my car seat. If you’re looking for a car seat tech, I highly recommend seeing Debbi!



Debbi is so lovely

Debbi is so lovely , patient and professional.. my daughter loved her too!
She was as careful and detailed as she would be installing for her own child, thanks again!



Debbi came to my house

Debbi came to my house last week to install 2 car seats for my 2 and 4 year old. She did an incredible job! She was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain what she was doing / answer all of my questions. Highly recommend! Will definitely use Debbi again when it comes time to install or check the next seat.



Wish I would have called Debbie Sooner!

My son is 4.5 and we are driving to Florida this summer so I called Debbie to come have a look at our car seats. We discovered our seats were not installed properly. She spent hours with us showing us all the tips and tricks of the Diono. I was incredibly impressed with all of her knowledge, time and patience. I wish I would have called Debbie when my son was born years ago. I highly recommend her to anyone with a car seat!!!


Tonia Simatos


I would highly recommend Debbi Wong for car seat installation and advice. She came to my house and spent over 2 hours patiently testing out all of the various configurations between 2 cars and multiple car seats to figure out the optimal configuration. She was extremely thorough and careful with her installs and was super knowledge (e.g. she knew all of the nuances and rules between the various seats). We will definitely call Debbi again next time!


Sarah Koval

Debbi is amazing

Debbi is amazing! She really went beyond the call of duty to explain everything I needed to know. I would highly recommend her!


Naomi Slutsky

passionate about car seat safety

Debbi recently installed 3 car seats for us and we were impressed with her knowledge, patience and thoroughness. Debbi spent a great deal of time to ensure that the seats were all installed correctly. She also spent the time educating us on how to use the seats properly. It is evident that Debbi is very passionate about car seat safety. I would not hesitate to recommend Debi to anybody looking to have car seats installed!



Debbi did an amazing job

Debbi did an amazing job at installing a car seat for us. Not only did she show us how to do it in case we ever had to do t ourselves, by she also taught us so many important things about car seat safety that never would have crossed my mind and I’ve never seen posts about before. We are so greatful for Debbi’s help!



Debbie was amazing Quick response

Debbie was amazing

Quick response
Same day meet up
Resourceful.and quick instalment

Very pleased with her and my beautiful installed car seat




Debbi was so knowledgable on car seats and helped me so much with my convertible car seat installation. Making an appointment with her was seamless and she was so professional. She took the time to make sure I knew how to install the car seat myself if needed and really seemed to know so many tips and tricks about car seat installation. She was super pleasant to work with. And followed up with me about a couple things after we met. Would definitely recommend and I’ll most definitely be coming to see her again to install other car seats!


Ashley O

Thanks Debbi

We recently hired Debbi to install 4 car seats for us in multiple vehicles. She came to our home to do the installations which was so convenient. We were extremely happy with her. Debbi is very thorough and does a great job explaining the nuances of each seat and how to get them installed safely. We would definitely recommend Debbi to our friends. Thanks Debbi!


Jaclyn L

Car Seat Installation

Debbie was very informative about different car seat brands as well as different types of cars and what their rules are for installation. She helped us learn how to install it ourselves so that we would be able to take the seat in and out in the future.



Great experience

Debbi installed 2 seats for me. She was thorough, explained everything she was doing and was professional. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and would use her services over and over.


Diana B

Great experience working with Debbi!

Debbi did a wonderful job installing 2 car seats for me and explaining all the things to look out for for the children’s maximum safety. She is extremely knowledgeable and well prepared to answer any questions. I feel so much safer after having her do the install and check. I will absolutely utilize her again.


Keely Opert


Debbi has been amazing with all my car seat installations and questions. She makes sure everything fits right and makes sure you understand how to use the car seat properly. She also makes herself available all the the time which helps. Thank you for everything!!!




Debbi is amazing!
She made herself available to come right away and install my two car seats. She did a great job – was so nice and helpful – and my kids love their new seats.
So happy!!



Highly recommend!

Debbie was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable and really took the time to go through everything with me. She was really patient in answering all my questions and was great when dealing with my not-so cooperative 2.5 year old. I would use Debbie again and highly recommend her!


Sarah Chris

Thank you Debbi!

I have done a couple of workshops with Debbi in the past and I have always thought she is a wonderful person. So warm, kind, calm, professional and always goes above and beyond to be helpful. When I found out that she installs carseats now, I was so happy because I knew she would make it an easy experience and that she would get the job done. I brought my daughter and the new seat to her house and she jumped right in there and made sure that the straps were set so my daughter would fit perfectly. She explained everything as she was doing it so that I would feel involved and confident in her knowledge. She got the seat in there super tight and made sure that I knew how to safely buckle and tighten it with my baby inside. Then she even noticed that my other seat for my toddler was a bit loose so she tightened it for me and showed me how to do it myself as well in case it ever got loose again. Overall, my experience working with Debbi was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend her whether it is for installing/checking a carseat or for any of her other areas of expertise. She is so knowledgable, passionate about what she does and really has a love for babies. Thank you Debbi!


Suzanne Serfaty

I had a great experience

I had a great experience with Debbi, she was very informative on car seat installation and answered all of my questions! I would highly recommend her!!!


Laura Anava

Debbi is extremely knowledgeable

Debbi is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and was very helpful to our family. From looking over expiries, damaged parts and recalled parts, she made sure all of our seats were safe to use and taught us how to safely install and adjust them all (we had her look over 6 different seats while she was with us). I would highly recommend her to anyone putting in any car seat for the first time.



Car seat install and knowledge

Debbi was so knowledgable and helpful. She looked at a picture and knew rigjt away it had not been installed correctly. She was also very helpful in the purchasing of the car seats and talked us through each step of the install. Would highly recommend her!

Barb Levy


Just a note to say how incredibly capable and informative and helpful Debbi was both in the installation and education about the Britax Pioneer carseat and the Peg Perego Viaggio.

Her warmth and care about babies and human beings was evident and brought real integrity to an otherwise mundane experience.

I have paid more money in the past for installation. In that process I learned nothing about how best to use the carseat and keep my grandchildren safe. I would recommend Debbi highly.


Debby Feldman

Great experience

Debbi helped install my car seat and she was a pleasure to work with. She took time to ensure I understood proper install and answered all my questions, with great patience. Her calm demeanor and excellent knowledge left me feeling confident that my little one would be riding safely.


Emanuela De Franco

Debbi was wonderful today

Debbi was wonderful today. Very informative & knowledgeable. Would definite recommend her services & use her again.

Michelle Kam

Michelle Kam

Thanks so much for all your help!!

I can’t say enough about how Debbi is truly wonderful at what she does. I had a situation where my daughters harness would not lock properly and I had no clue why this happened out of the blue. After talking with Debbi she figured out that there were crumbs stuck in the belt which prevented the seat belt from locking in the harness!!

I was so nervous I went out to buy a new convertible seat, but thanks to Debbi I returned it! I was in a panic because I was leaving the next day for a vacation and didn’t have my car seat installed, since I took it out to clean it.

Debbi to the rescue, I went to her house in a jiffy to seek her expertise. She was very patient and very much a perfectionist.

Thanks so much for all your help!!

Lisa K


My wife and I have used Debbi’s services multiple times. She’s been easy to do with and helps and shows us how to install the car seats and ensures both of ours kids car seats are safely installed. We will definitely use her services again.


Great experience

Debbi was very thorough and knowledgeable. She explained everything clearly to us, and even untangled the stubborn car seat straps. I would definitely recommend anyone to use her if safety is your top priority.



3 across car seat install

I got Debbi’s contact through social media and after hearing so many others rave about her knowledge, skill and professionalism I asked her to install 3 car seats in our new vehicle. She answered all my questions thoroughly and asked me some too! She is warm and approachable, shared lots of tips and tricks, and checked the harness positions for the seats I had threaded. I’m more than confident with the installation of the seats and the information I received from Debbi to ensure maximum safety. I will definitely use Debbi for any car seat related needs in the future ????


HUGE shout out to Debbi

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Debbi who helped me out with an issue I was having regarding my kids car seats. She is an amazing car seat technician with immense patience and knowledge and a knack for problem solving. Let’s just say my car is horribly designed and getting the configuration I want/need was mission impossible made possible by her!

Thank you so much Debbi, and if anyone needs their seats installed and to feel empowered to do it themselves, contact her. I promise you will get nothing but the best.



Amazing Experience

Debbi installed a reversible carseat for me recently and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. Even though I have used two other companies for installation in the past, she still managed to teach me a few new things that I didn’t know yet!! I am very happy with the installation and I highly recommend Debbi for your car seat install.

Rachele Joseph

Debbi was simply amazing!

I couldn’t thank her enough with assisting me on properly getting my child’s car seat properly installed. She was prompt with responding to her emails, she was punctual , extremely professional and kind! Debbi gave myself an amazing educational lesson on the safety standards and proper installation of a car seat. My child now sits properly without slumping over and I now feel less concerned and comfortable knowing my child car seat is properly installed. Once again thank you Debbi!