Please have available the manuals for both your vehicle and car seat(s). If you do not have either of these, please let me know beforehand, so that I can try source them prior to our appointment.
New car seats to be unboxed and all packaging and tags removed.
It is helpful to send a photograph of the white manufacturer label on your car seat prior to our appointment. It is usually on the back of the seat, possibly on the inside side, or even under the seat cover.
Provide your vehicle information (year, make, model). Please clear out the back seat and floorboard of the vehicle where the car seat will be installed.
Provide your child’s information (age, weight, height), including recent photos of them buckled in the car seat if adjustments are needed to the harness of the car seat.
If possible, bring your child. I know this is not always possible or easy – so if your child will not be attending the appointment, it is helpful to have a photo of them sitting in the seat, clearly showing the harness fit from the front (i.e. face and shoulders forward, facing the camera).