I have done a couple of workshops with Debbi in the past and I have always thought she is a wonderful person. So warm, kind, calm, professional and always goes above and beyond to be helpful. When I found out that she installs carseats now, I was so happy because I knew she would make it an easy experience and that she would get the job done. I brought my daughter and the new seat to her house and she jumped right in there and made sure that the straps were set so my daughter would fit perfectly. She explained everything as she was doing it so that I would feel involved and confident in her knowledge. She got the seat in there super tight and made sure that I knew how to safely buckle and tighten it with my baby inside. Then she even noticed that my other seat for my toddler was a bit loose so she tightened it for me and showed me how to do it myself as well in case it ever got loose again. Overall, my experience working with Debbi was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend her whether it is for installing/checking a carseat or for any of her other areas of expertise. She is so knowledgable, passionate about what she does and really has a love for babies. Thank you Debbi!


Thank you Debbi!