Many parents and caregivers have questions both before and after buying a car seat. Need help choosing a car seat? Having trouble using your seat? Is the harness getting stuck or more difficult to tighten? Need guidance on cleaning your seat? When do you move your little one to the next car seat stage? Reach out for advice!

Harnessing and Fit

Is your car seat properly adjusted for your child’s comfort? Are you properly tightening the harness? Does your child slump when falling asleep in their car seat?


Is the harness getting stuck or more difficult to tighten? Not cleaning or improperly cleaning a car seat can compromise its performance and therefore safety. Car seat manufacturers have very specific requirements when it comes to keeping your little one’s ride clean.


  • harness straps cannot be soaked
  • “natural” cleaning supplies are NOT safe i.e. baking soda, vinegar, essential oils
  • not all fabric covers can be machine washed and most can only air dry

Note that a proper cleaning takes at least 24 hours, average 48 hours – please ensure you have a backup/ alternate seat to use in the mean time.

Tips & Tricks

Are you familiar with and using all the features of your car seat?